Our IRC Network runs on a cluster of Linux Boxes running Unreal IRCD using Anope Services. You can connect to our IRC network with your favorite IRC client by using the following information:

Non-SSL Connection:
Port: 6667

SSL Connection:
Port: 6697 (Sometimes you will input +6697 to indicate SSL)

What we Offer

We offer a chat across 4 servers, using Anope services. We have a proxy scanner
bot, and average around 70 users. We have an RSS feed from
Minecraft, Humble Bundles, and Steam (more feeds pending).

How to use the RSS Bot

As new updates are released through the RSS feeds, certain bots will display
the summarized feed into the channel
To view the last feed item displayed, you can send !latest into #gamergalaxy. A
bot named DeBot will display the latest feed.

If you decide that these RSS feeds aren’t for you, or are too spammy, you can
simply ignore the bots of the feeds you don’t want to see. All our bots follow
the naming convention of RSS-NAME. So:

Our Humbe Bundle rss feed comes from the bot called
Our Steam rss feed comes from the bot called
Our Minecraft rss feed comes from the bot called

So if you get tired of seeing these feeds, all you need to do is ignore the bots
using your client’s built in /ignore feature.

How to Contact Us

If you were banned from our server, you may email us at
If you would like to talk to us about a server merge, you may contact us at #gamergalaxy,
or via email at: