Our Staff

dab's Photo
Nick(s): dab
Name: David
Role: Founder, Root Network Admin
About: I have been running IRC networks for well over 7, 8 years and enjoy providing a
public service. I also enjoy playing soccer, guitar, and Team Fortress 2. Another
game I’ve been addicted to has been Age of Mythology. Awesome game.

RBOMB's Photo
Nick(s): RBOMB, RB0MB
Name: Ryan
Role: Network Manager, Clan Manager
About: I have a passion for games, but not because I love playing them, but more because i love seeing how they were made, how they can be improved on, and what makes them tick. Gamer Galaxy is an awesome network with awesome people and im proud to be part
of them.

Jiggler's Photo
Nick(s): Jiggler, JigglerWork
Name: Jaegen
Role: Global Op
About: I am a Professional Disc Jockey and photographer. As a DJ, I have
earned my spot where with my experience and style of rocking parties all over
world playing anything from hip hop to old school to rock and roll and remixing
tracks into catchy songs guaranteed to keep the club moving. My style is
recognized and well known for transforming a sluggish crowd into a sweaty mass
of swinging bodies.

With photography I can create and deliver big eye catchers, innovative and
inspiring film and digital photographic solutions. My ability to work in and
around water is unmatched. My passion and knowledge has made me one of
today’s top watersports and boating photographers in the world. I am well
equipped to produce stunning and exhilarating images.

josh's Photo
Nick(s): josh, sosby, j
Name: Josh
Role: Owner, Network Admin, Server Provider
About: TBA

FoxTrot's Photo
Nick(s): FoxTrot
Name: Daniel
Role: Network Admin, Server Provider
About: Truck driving IRC enthusiast.