Is The Elder Scrolls Online just another generic MMO?

Elder Scrolls online is going to be a massively-multiplayer online game which is set in the Elder Scrolls universe, 1,000 years
before the events of Elder Scrolls V; Skyrim.

Although due to be released sometime in 2013, it has had a beta phase since late March, you can sign up here if you wish to
be added to the listed of thousands, if not millions of willing participants.
Early screenshots of the game surfaced early May of 2012, and shows the game to be somewhat similar to that of World Of Warcraft:

Elder Scrolls Online Screenshot

However recent screenshots and promotional images released by Bethesda themselves show the game has enough detail to match the¬†likes of Elder Scrolls 4 & 5. Let’s hope this detail stays when the game is released. You can view the official screenshots and promotional images here.

Elder Scrolls Online has been in development for years, and will cover the whole of Tamriel featuring a storyline which will be
connected with the other Elder Scrolls in some form.

Footage from one of the early beta tests show off character creation and the initial quests that the player will encounter.
This video seems like it’s been wiped off the internet, you’ve got to be rather lucky to find a copy as many sites have been asked
to remove it.

According to Nicholas Lovell, founder of game consultancy firm Gamesbrief, he believes that Elder Scrolls Online will be launched¬†with a paid subscription but given time, will drop down to a free-to-play. This hasn’t been confirmed by Bethesda.